For the last decade, Dubai-based Schön Properties has been a mainstay of the city’s vibrant real estate market.

As part of Schön Group, a multi-diversified business enterprise, Schön Properties has transitioned from its traditional role as one of Dubai’s leading, leasing and building management specialists to incorporate real estate development, using our experience with end-users to develop mixed-use and residential projects designed to achieve a harmonious work/life balance.

Each of our 150-strong team of professionals is an expert on working and living in Dubai, and can provide strategic advice for buying and renting properties, both commercial and residential.

Rowan forms Zone 2 of Dubai Lagoon, and is named after the resilient shrub and its bountiful fruit. Fitted out to t [more]
Winterberry has been named after a pretty flowering holly from North America, and forms Zone 4 of the Dubai Lagoon [more]
Lily at Dubai Lagoon reflects the quality that Schön Properties demands of its projects. Fitted with a superior fin [more]
Situated as Zone 5 in Dubai Lagoon and built to the highest standard with durable, ecological materials such as bam [more]

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